My First Course as a PhD Student

Introductory Course for PhD Students

Talha Hanif Butt
1 min readMar 25, 2023

So, I started my PhD in January. I came to Sweden on 1st February. While I was applying for the position, I thought that as Sweden is in Europe so there will only be research work without any course work but after coming here I got to know that I need to complete some course work also. There are 2 stages after an MS in Sweden. First is a Licentiate degree spanning over 2 years and after the Licentiate degree 2 more years are required to complete the PhD. The credits required for Licentiate and Doctoral degrees are as follows:


After a couple of weeks in Sweden, I got to know that there is a compulsory course which has already started so I sent an email to the instructor and luckily got in. The course has 3 modules which are as follows:

Theory of Science

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Research Ethics

Currently we are on the second module, it’s good so far. Let’s see how it goes. On the research part, I am currently going through the literature. I think I will write about the literature review soon. That’s it for now, See you later.