Controller Area Network Bus

Talha Hanif Butt
1 min readMay 25, 2023

So, nowadays, I am working on CAN (Controller Area Network) Bus data.

What is CAN Bus

In most vehicles, different Electronic Control Units (ECUs) are responsible for various operations such as an ECU for brake pedal pressure. These ECUs communicate with each other through the CAN Bus.

Why it is important

It’s important because we can model vehicle activity using these signals. We can also identify driving behaviors and many other applications by recording and analyzing CAN signals.

How the signals are recorded

The signals are recorded using different data loggers like M-Logger. The signals are stored in different formats like a blf file.

How to read the signals

In order to read a blf file, we need a dbc file containing signal definitions which work as a decoder for the data in blf file. We also need a software like CANoe to read blf data using a dbc file.

How to process the data

After reading the data, it can be converted into csv/xlsx format and different algorithms can be applied to get insights from the data.

So, that’s it for now, see you later.