Basics before starting with Robotics — Part 2

  • Robot Vision, a program of 3 courses over 10 weeks
  • Based on the top-selling textbook Robotics, Vision & Control
  • Pitched at undergraduate engineering and computer science level, prerequisites include:
  • knowledge of programming, in particular, object-oriented programming, MATLAB® experience helpful
  • knowledge of linear algebra (vectors, matrices, etc.)
  • classical control theory (first-order dynamics) — this is limited to just one section (Intro to Robotics lecture 10)
  • 6 weeks each
  • 2 x 1-hour lectures per week, with formative quizzes to consolidate knowledge
  • Weekly assessment for grades
  • Weekly programming assignments in MATLAB (auto-graded)
  • Delivered via the familiar Open edX software platform from EdCast