PythonRobotics: a Python code collection of robotics algorithms

It’s about 4 weeks and I haven’t published a video on my youtube channel so to find something I thought about SLAM and just searched for SLAM python GitHub in the hope of finding something to make a video on and I found a paper on a code collection of…


So, I just did a couple of google searches on how to learn robotics for beginners and found out the following:

It was kind of a road map and I realized that some of the things I already knew like Python, Physics, Probability, and Linear Algebra but many things I…

IBM Watson

Recently I have used IBM Watson for speech-to-text, how I used it is as follows:


pip install --upgrade ibm-watsonpip install --upgrade watson-developer-cloudsudo -H pip install --ignore-installed six ibm-watson

Getting credentials

  1. Go to
  2. Choose to Get started free
  3. Choose the Lite plan
  4. Login
  5. Choose Create
  6. Go to the Manage option…

Probability Primer

Open House

It was our open house in 2017 when I realized the meaning of the saying

Jo dikhta ha woh bikta ha

What happened was that we were all standing in front of our final year project posters with demos on our laptops waiting for the company representatives to question us…

Last of the questions which I remember from my interview

I have previously written about other questions which I think I failed to answer during an interview:

Let’s say, we have to cover 40 metres and the previous jump covered 10 metres, next will cover 5 metres, 2.5 after that, 1.25 and so on.

This will accumulate as follows:


Yet another interview question

Some of the previous questions I have written about are as follows:

To answer this question, we first need to discriminate between the individual filters in the network along with the final trained network. Individual filters in a CNN are not invariant to changes in how an image is rotated.

Another question I got in an interview

It was around November 2020 when I gave an interview and was unable to give answers to questions, one of which is the title of this article.

Previously, I have written about another question:

A rank of the matrix is probably the most important concept you learn in Matrix Algebra…

Autonomous Driving

I was thinking of shortlisting potential supervisors for my Ph.D., with my interest in Autonomous Driving, I thought it would be easier to find the people working in this domain through the datasets being used. Here are some of the datasets which I found.



Released by Audi, the Audi Autonomous…

Comparison of Grimson’s background subtraction method with Gaussian and simple background subtraction

As a project for one of my courses, I have implemented some background subtraction techniques, along with the code and demo, I have tried to explain my approach for coding them.

Simple Background Subtraction

Considering first image as the background.
For each next frame, calculate the difference between the current image and the background…

An optical flow based simple object tracker

I recently developed a tracker as part of an assignment which basically uses optical flow to track an object. The process is as follows:

A bounding box is chosen by the user from the first frame.

After the first frame, for each next frame, the following process is followed:


Talha Hanif Butt

MS Thesis Student, CVGL, LUMS

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